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It’s more important than ever to
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Driven by technology and globalization, the retail and fashion industry has experienced a seismic shift in consumer behaviors requiring unprecedented change in business models. Learn how you can be part of the change.

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Experience the depth of conversation and insights, available only on Fashion Launchpad. Rachel Hruska (founder, Lingua Franca) in conversation with founder, Sandra Campos.

In a constantly changing industry, learning actionable skills from experts and leaders on the front-line is more important than ever:

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Daniela Morena

Merchandising & Sales Excecutive

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Ron Thurston

Author, Retail Exclusive

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Stella Chang

Co-founder & COO, SPEC'D Studio

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Sydney Price

Founder, CEO - The New Purpose


“Lifelong learning is imperative to enact change in an industry that requires constant evolution. Our focus is on developing a resilient and diverse community of retail and fashion leaders.”

-Sandra Campos, Founder

Individuals with access to reskilling and upskilling have 42% higher salaries compared to their counterparts with learning gaps. (ADT)

Time Constraints, High Cost and Lack of Accessibility are often impediments in continuing your education and achieving your career goals. By subscribing to Fashion Launchpad you can now learn at your own pace, at an affordable price no matter where you are in the world, all from your phone.


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"Fashion Launchpad is at the forefront of reimagining education for retail and fashion professionals. Our focus is on quick-paced courses that truly delivery on teaching much needed skills, taught by a diverse group of world-class experts."

Joshua Williams, Managing Director

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